Choosing the Right Kids Furniture

Choosing the Right Kids Furniture

Choosing the right kids' furniture is crucial for creating a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment for your child. We'll explore what furniture kids need, how to choose it, and why sustainability matters. You will then be well-equipped to make informed decisions that benefit both your child and the environment.

What Furniture Do Kids Need?

To create a functional and fun children's bedroom, you'll need several key pieces of furniture. Here are the essentials:

Kids Bed

A good kids bed is the focus of any child's room. A bed frame should be comfortable, the right size, and fit the room's overall design. When choosing a bed, consider your child’s age and growth potential.

Children's Wardrobe

children's wardrobe is essential for storing clothes and keeping the room organised. When selecting a wardrobe, ensure it's the right height for your child to reach and use independently. Look for wardrobes with adjustable shelves and ample storage space to accommodate different clothing types and accessories.

Tweedle Double Wardrobe

Kids Chest of Drawers

chest of drawers is perfect for extra storage. It helps keep clothes, toys, and other items neatly tucked away. Make sure it’s sturdy and at a height your child can reach. Ensure the drawers can be opened and closed easily to encourage them to put away their own things with no excuses!

Storage Solutions

Kids accumulate a lot of stuff, from toys to books to art supplies. Effective storage solutions are crucial. Consider shelves, toy boxes, and storage bins to keep everything organised. Multi-functional furniture, like beds with built-in drawers or benches with storage, can help save space and keep the room tidy.

Desk and Chair

As your child grows, they'll need a dedicated space for homework and crafts. A child-sized desk and chair provide a comfortable area for these activities. Make sure the desk is the right height and has enough space for your child’s needs, whether that’s drawing, reading, or using a computer.

Jonah Desk and hutch

How to Choose the Right Furniture

Selecting the right kids' bedroom furniture can be straightforward if you keep a few key factors in mind:

Size and Fit

Ensure the furniture fits your child's size and the dimensions of the room. Furniture that’s too large can make a room feel cramped, while pieces that are too small might not be practical. Measure the space and choose furniture that fits well without overcrowding the room.


Safety is a top priority when selecting children's furniture. Look for furniture with rounded edges to prevent injuries. Ensure all pieces are sturdy and stable to avoid tipping.


Functionality is essential in a child’s room. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes to maximise space. For example, a bed with storage drawers or a desk with shelves can provide extra storage without taking up additional floor space. Multi-functional furniture helps keep the room organised and efficient.

Style and Design

Kids’ rooms should reflect their personalities and interests. Involve your child in choosing the colours and designs they like. Whether it’s a themed bed or a colourful wardrobe, allowing your child to participate in the decision-making process helps them feel more connected to their space.

Sustainability in Kids Furniture

Sustainable furniture is better for the environment and your child. Here’s how to choose eco-friendly options:

Eco-friendly Materials

Choose furniture made from sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, rubberwood or bamboo. FSC-certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Rubberwood is a waste product from the production of latex, making it a great sustainable option. Bamboo is another excellent choice as it grows quickly and is highly renewable.

Non-toxic Finishes

Ensure the furniture has non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes. This reduces the risk of harmful chemicals affecting your child's health.


Durable furniture lasts longer, reducing the need for replacements and minimising waste. High-quality pieces may cost more upfront but offer better value over time. Choose sturdy, well-made furniture that can withstand the wear and tear of active kids.

Recyclable Components

Pick furniture that can be easily recycled or repurposed at the end of its life. This helps reduce waste and environmental impact. Many manufacturers offer take-back programs or design their products with recyclability in mind, ensuring that materials can be reused or recycled.


Choosing the right children's bedroom furniture involves considering size, safety, functionality, style, and sustainability. By understanding your child’s needs and exploring various options, you can create a room that is comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly. Involve your child in the process to make their room a place they love. With the right furniture, you can transform your child’s bedroom into a perfect space for sleeping, playing, and growing.

Happy furniture shopping!

13th Jun 2024 The Children's Furniture Company

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