Children's Bedroom Accessories

Children's Bedroom Accessories add a lovely finishing touch to your child's bedroom

It may be the first bedroom for your little one, decorating an existing room, moving your growing child into a new bedroom or simply just looking at a few new accessories to offer a little refresh.  Whatever your goal choosing the right bedroom furniture accessories can be that all important finishing touch. Also don't forget the playroom too, quite often your children spend as much awake time in the playroom as they do in their bedrooms.

We  have a wide range of children's bedroom accessories which will help you create the bedroom or playroom you want for your children. With tonnes to choose from you'll be able to create your child's dream room full of colour and fun, as well as making sure that it looks great too.

Which children's accessories do I start with in the bedroom?

A great place to start is with the children's bedding.  Kids bedding can transform the look in a bedroom instantly and at relatively low cost.  A child's duvet cover set can make all the difference and usually includes the duvet cover and pillow cover as well.  Our duvet cover sets are available in both a single size as well as a cotbed size for smaller children.  You can then add a blanket or quilt and some cushions to create an extra comfy sleeping space and a great space to relax during the day.

Add some children's soft furnishings

A great place to start with your children's room accessories is with some soft furnishings such as curtains.  You can match the curtains with your child's bedding or duvet and include your child's favourite colours.  We also offer black out curtains which will ensure a great nights' sleep too.  You can complement your room with a kids rug with can be a great way of injecting some life into a bare floor and making a more comfortable play space. 

Use some lighting a make a great atmosphere in the room

we have a great range of children's lighting products to help you make your child's room look good.  From a lamp shade to a desk lamp for homework time, each lighting solution can be a great bedroom accessories to bring a warm and comfortable feel to the room.

Wall art or wallpaper can transform the walls

One of the best ways to transform your child's room is be re-decorating and some new wallpaper is one of the best ways of doing this.  Our wallpaper or wall murals can be used to transform a wall or simply used right across the whole bedroom.  In addition add in lovely wall art can help to break up a plain wall and add some colour or character to a bed or playroom.

Accessorise with a wall clock or photo frame 

Learning to tell the time is a crucial skill for any child, which is why one of our fun clocks is a brilliant way of adding a fun accessory to the room but also helping your your child's education.  A great idea as a child's bedroom accessory is also a phot frame with friends, family or a pet to help your child personalise their room and create a place they love.

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