Mid Sleeper Beds

Recommended for ages 6 and up, our Mid Sleepers can totally transform your children's bedroom! Read More

Whether you want extra floor space for storage furniture, a study space or little play den, a Mid Sleeper is a great alternative to a standard single bed and better for storage than a traditional bunk bed. Plus, they add a little more fun to your little one's bedtime ritual!

  • Butterworth White Mid Sleeper Bed kids Butterworth White Mid Sleeper Bed desk book case drawers teen

    Butterworth White Mid Sleeper Bed

    The Butterworth Mid Sleeper offers lots of flexibility in your child's bedroom, either by creating more space for storage, or more floor space for learning and playing. One of the best things about the Butterworth collection is the storage headboard -...
  • SALE
    mid sleeper jango bed jango mid sleeper beds

    Jango Mid Sleeper Bed

    WAS £549.00
    Save £250.00
    Mid sleeper bed for super space saving storage The Jango Mid Sleeper offers tonnes of flexibility in your child's bedroom.  With this mid sleeper you can either create more space for storage under the bed frame itself, or simple add more floor space...
  • SALE
    jango mid sleeper jango chest of drawers

    Jango Mid Sleeper Furniture Set - 4 Piece

    WAS £1,599.00
    Save £450.00
    A mid sleeper space saving set This bedroom furniture set is perfect for kids and teens alike, it features all the benefits of a mid sleeper bed and offers tonnes of storage space to help you make the most of your kids bedroom.  The Jango mid...
  • SALE
    Mid sleeper bed with stairs neutron mid sleeper

    Neutron Mid Sleeper Bed

    WAS £899.00
    Save £350.00
    A mid sleeper bed with a difference The Neutron Mid Sleeper Bed is the superhero of kids beds, as strong as Superman but as flexible as Spiderman. This white mid sleeper has tonnes of flexibility in your child's bedroom, either by creating more space for...
  • SALE
    Wooden mid sleeper white with stair storage Mid sleeper drawers under bed

    Neutron Mid Sleeper Furniture Set - 4 Piece

    WAS £1,999.00
    Save £800.00
    Storage space sorted with this mid sleeper set As mid sleepers go it doesn't get any better than the Neutron Mid Sleeper Bed.  This mid sleeper cabin style bed is the ultimate storage bed and we have now cherry picked some matching furniture options...
  • Sale
    Universal Mid Sleeper 3 Drawer Chest Universal Mid Sleeper 3 Drawer Chest neutron desk underbed

    Universal Mid Sleeper 3 Drawer Chest

    WAS £299.00
    NOW £279.00
    3 Drawer chest perfect for extra storage space This 3 drawer chest of drawers is a great little storage space saver. designed to fit snuggly under one of our mid sleeper beds it can be used as part of an underbed furniture combination or as a stand alone...
  • Sale
    universal mid sleeper cupboard storage tidy doors tweedle under bed cupboard shelf white

    Universal Mid Sleeper Cupboard

    WAS £239.00
    NOW £229.00
    A mid sleeper storage cupboard Perfect for using underneath our mid sleeper beds, this handy mid sleeper storage cupboard can easily be moved around to either sit underneath one of our mid-sleeper beds, or be used as a standalone piece of furniture. A...
  • Sale
    Universal Mid Sleeper Desk white neutron Universal Mid Sleeper Desk under bed

    Universal Mid Sleeper Desk

    WAS £179.00
    NOW £169.00
    Mid Sleeper pull out desk for your child's room This pull out desk has been designed to sit under any of our mid sleeper desks to sit under the bed when not in use and then pull out the desk when its study time again. Perfect for using underneath our mid...

The best children's sleepers

The most important thing you can do for your children is to give them a safe, peaceful place to rest. A mid sleeper bed provides the perfect solution! These quality beds are ideal for any child who needs some space from their siblings during nap time, night-time or playtime. We carry both standard options with soft mattresses made of foam and fiberfill as well as deluxe models that provide extra comfort using memory foam on top of the mattress. We also have a range of adjustable beds to suit your child's needs and those of their siblings.

What are the benefits of Mid Sleepers?

Particularly in smaller bedrooms, or ""box rooms"", Mid Sleepers can be a game-changer. Providing plenty of space underneath the bed, you can use the floor space for a desk or study area, for extra storage furniture such as a chest of drawers, or turn it into a fun play den for your child! Some of our designs are also available in multiple colours, so you can add that extra personal touch to your children's bedroom. And if you need a flexible design, many of our Mid Sleeper Beds have the option to fix the ladder on either the left or right!

What is the difference between a Low and High Sleeper?

Low ceilings? Mid Sleepers are an excellent choice in houses with lower ceilings, as you get all the benefits of a High Sleeper without taking up too much space, making them the perfect space saving solution. But if you're looking for something a little taller (perhaps you have high ceilings or would simply like some more under-bed space), then take a look at our collection of High Sleepers! For beds with built-in storage, built into the bed frame (rather than extra floor space to fill), try our range of Cabin Beds! A cabin bed provides extra storage, usually in the form of built-in drawers, with a little extra height than a standard single bed but not quite as much height as a Mid Sleeper.

What age can a child sleep in a mid sleeper?

It is recommended that a child of the age of 6 and above can sleep in a mid sleeper bed

The best way to use mid sleepers

Mid Sleepers provide a practical, multi-functional solution for your child's bedroom. With a raised sleeping area comes so many ways to maximise your floor space and improve your bedroom layout - leaving you with more room for extra furniture and toy storage solutions in your childs bedroom! But due to the extra height and the need for climbing, we recommend these beds only for slightly older kids. Mid Sleepers are suitable for kids aged 6+. We also recommend a slightly slimmer mattress on the bed, as this leaves enough space between the guard rail and sleeping position for maximum safety. Browse our Mattresses to find a range of comfortable sleeping solutions. Be sure to pay attention to the required mattress size for your chosen bed, as some of our bed sizes vary.

Mid Sleepers: the ultimate wow factor!

Looking for more wow-factor? No problem! In our range of Mid Sleepers, you'll find adventurous designs that will be the envy of all your kid's friends. We've got everything from Tree House beds to beds with slides! And if you're after a statement bed but you're not sure about the height or size, take a look at our entire Adventure Collection to find super-cool themed beds of all shapes and sizes.

Advice for buying a mid sleeper bed

Our mid sleeper beds are perfect if you're looking for a space-saving solution for your child's small bedroom. The beauty of a mid sleeper bed is that they're multifunctional. Not only do they provide optimum comfort for a good night's sleep, but they also offer excellent storage facilities, a necessity for any child's bedroom.


Bedtime will be far from a struggle when your little one has a kids mid sleeper to look forward to sleeping in. Our range of children's mid sleeper beds is available in various designs and styles, so you're sure to find a kids mid sleeper that your child will love.

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