Children's Bookcases

Keep their favourite bedtime stories within easy reach with our Children's Bookcases, featuring plenty of shelving to keep all their books neat and tidy. Read More

Available in a great range of different colours, styles and sizes, with anything from 2 to 15 shelves, there’s a ready-made storage solution for every little one's bedroom.

  • Tweedle White 2 Shelf Bookcase wood white book case kids children

    Tweedle White 2 Shelf Bookcase

    Compact but spacious shelf storage The Tweedle 2 Shelf Bookcase is the perfect piece of furniture for utilising small spaces and filling them with books of adventure and magic. Featuring 2 fixed roomy shelves, as well as a sturdy top and base, this...
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    Tweedle White 3 Shelf Bookcase three shelf bookcase wood kids children

    Tweedle White 3 Shelf Bookcase

    WAS £289.00
    Save £60.00
    White bookcase shelving unit for storing bedtime stories This Tweedle 3 Shelf Bookcase is perfect kids bookcase for utilising small spaces and filling them with books of adventure and magic. Featuring 3 spacious shelves, as well as a sturdy top and base...
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    Tweedle White 4 Shelf Bookcase four shelf book case kids children wood

    Tweedle White 4 Shelf Bookcase

    WAS £319.00
    Save £70.00
    Tall bookcase with 4 shelf storage This Tweedle 4 Shelf Bookcase is perfect for utilising small spaces and filling them with books of adventure and magic. Featuring four roomy bookshelves, as well as a sturdy top and base, this bookcase is perfect for...

Why children's bookcases are so important for your child

Children's books are an integral part of a child's development and a great way to organise and tidy books that would otherwise be scattered around.

When reading, children develop important skills such as memory, comprehension, and concentration.

Children's books are also an important way a parent can bond with their child. Reading together is a shared activity that strengthens the relationship you have with your child and creates a bond that can last throughout their life.

To further help a child's relationship with books, parents should arrange their books in an organized and easily accessible manner. A children's reading area should have enough storage space for as many books as the child has, and should be designed with the child's comfort and safety in mind.

The benefits for children when they can have their own bookcase

The benefits of having a bookcase in your home are innumerable. To begin with, it dies not take up a lot of space (in fact saves a lot) and kids can easily store their toys, books, as well as anything else they want in there. Moreover, a furnished bookcase makes rooms look neat and clean, and kids will feel proud of having their own bookcase. However, before you purchase a bookcase, you should keep certain factors such as space, budget, and suitability in mind.

The different types of children's bookcases and the different styles and designs

Children’s bookcases are an excellent way to keep your kids' books organised and accessible. There are many different styles and designs of bookcases to choose from, so it’s important to select the one that will work best in your home.

Bookcases are available in a variety of styles, ranging from simple, standalone units, cube storage units, floor standing, and wall shelves to more elaborate designs that use built-in or modular shelving, drawers, and cabinets.  

Safety tips to keep in mind when shopping for a bookcase

You will want to make sure that the bookcase that you choose is able to support the weight of the books that you want to store on it. You will also want to consider the size of the bookcase and the space that you have available in your home.

From royal castles to enchanted forests, our children's favourite books contain the most magical of places, so it's only fitting that we keep them neatly secured in a sturdy bookcase...

We all know that Children’s rooms tend to attract a vast array of toys, books and clothes, so some clever storage is an essential part of any bedroom or playroom. Children’s book storage and shelves are a great way to both display and store their many books, and don't tend to take up too much room. They're also useful for photos, toys and other bedroom or playroom essentials!

We believe that reading is incredibly important for children and as such all of our bookcases are designed with little bookworms in mind. Built with super strong woods, finished with non-toxic paints and with anti-tipping kits available for all TCFC exclusive bookcases above 60cm tall, there's no better place to store their favourite stories. 

A Bookcase is perfect for a bedroom, playroom or home office/study room and is a piece of furniture that can last you years. While your kids grow out of childhood and into their teen years, their magical stories and picture books will be replaced with homework, school books and novels - so there's always a use for our bookshelves! In any room, for any age.

Our Bookcases are available in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes. With any number of shelves and some with built-in drawers, a variety of designs are on offer here at TCFC, from basic shelving units to tree-shaped bookcases! Some of our bookcases can even be used to fit under Mid Sleepers or High Sleepers - perfect for saving floor space in smaller kid's bedrooms.

Want more storage?

There's never enough is there? With kids constantly out-growing their clothes, us parents need all the storage we can get. 
Well you're in the right place, because here at TCFC, we love a good storage solution. Take a look at our Chests of DrawersBedside TablesBookcasesToy Boxes & Storage Units for even more kid's storage furniture - everything you need for a kid's bedroom or playroom, all in one place.

And don't forget, if your child's room is smaller and lacking floor space for more furniture (or you just simply can't get enough storage!), we have a wide range of Storage Beds that offer built-in under-bed storage drawers for a space saving solution.

Messy kid's drawers?

We feel the pain. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Organised Kid's Drawers and never again will you fear the task of tidying your children's bedrooms... From folding techniques to our fave featured storage furniture, this blog features some top TCFC storage solutions!

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