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We provide a wide range of children's beds, that have something for all kids and all ages. Read More

From single children's beds and storage beds to high sleepers and bunk beds. Our kid's beds are all guaranteed for 5 years, and designed with children in mind using strong, long-lasting wood that will see your children through the years - from tiny toddlers to teen years, you'll find it all here.

Children's Beds: Stylish Kids Beds for All Ages

We offer a wide variety of beds for our children! Whether you're looking to buy your child their first bed, or are in need of an upgrade because they grew too big for their old one, we have plenty available. For boys and girls alike there is something that will suit them. You'll be able to find the perfect design with storage space on the side if you're tight on space as well!

With a huge selection of bedroom furniture to choose from, ranging from single beds, sleeper beds, cabin beds and storage beds to loft beds, sofa beds, and bunk beds, we have the perfect bed for your child no matter what age.

Quality Furniture Guarantee

Our children's beds are all guaranteed for 5 years. They were designed using the latest bed innovations and sustainable wood that will see your child through many years, from a toddler bed to a small-sized teenager bed or even an adult-sized one. We have the perfect option for you!

A Bed Base Built to Last

All TCFC branded kids' beds are made from super strong wood! Our children's beds are built to last and we guarantee them for a minimum of 5 years. With strong bed slats, that are strength-tested up to for 15 stone and multiple coats of high-quality paint, you can be sure that these beds will withstand all sorts of jumping, climbing, & sticky fingers!

Plenty of children's bed options to choose from.

Across our children's bed range, we have a variety of amazing beds to suit your child's needs.

  • For children of all ages, including toddlers, we have classic single kid's beds, toddler beds, and day beds.
  • For those with smaller bedrooms that need some extra storage space (or kids with lots of toys! ), we have storage beds with pull out drawers and other storage options, Cabin Beds that have more height, allowing for more drawers, and Captain's Beds, which feature both under-bed drawers and a built-in trundle bed for sleepovers!
  • For big kids who want extra height (and parents who want extra space for storage, desks, or play space), take a look at our Mid Sleepers & High Sleepers (recommended for 6+ yrs).
  • We also have bunk beds for siblings who share a bedroom, or simply for a spare bed ready for sleepovers!
  • And for rooms with a bit more wow-factor, your little ones will love our Themed Beds , Canopy Beds and Four-Poster Beds.

Make a child's bedroom perfect for sleepovers

If your child is obsessed with sleepovers with friends, you'll need a guest bed for their friends to sleep on! Try adding a trundle bed underneath your kid's bed (all TCFC branded single beds can perfectly fit our Pop-Up or Pull-Out Trundle underneath the bed frame), or take a look at our range of fun sofa beds as another fun option.

Need a mattress for your childs bed?

Don't forget the mattress! Every child's bed needs a cosy & comfortable mattress on top of it to make for a dreamy night's sleep. Our range of mattresses includes various types of fill, from coil to foam, and different sizes and depths to suit different beds. And for the extra protection that we all know kids (and parents!) will benefit from, take a look at our range of mattress protectors.

Perfect for any child's room,

All furniture by The Children's Furniture Company is made with little people in mind, with modern, white wooden beds and other bedroom furniture that look great in any child's bedroom, without compromising on quality. Here you'll find sturdy, long-lasting kids' furniture that will see your children through many years. From tiny toddlers and their nursery rooms to teen years and beyond, we've got something for boys and girls of all ages.

What different types of kid's beds are there?

Children's beds range from the classic single bed to the popular bunk beds, cabin beds, mid-sleepers, high beds, and loft beds, which are fantastic multipurpose beds that give more than just sleeping space. Double beds, day beds, trundle beds, and starter beds are examples of other sorts of children's beds.

We stock a range of children's beds, from bunk beds to mid-sleepers. We sell the perfect bed for your child at the best price! Whether you need boys' or girls' bedrooms, we have what you are looking for. Best part is that all our products come with top-notch quality and design so your kids will be happy sleeping on them every night!

  • Children's Bunk Beds - Kids Bunk Beds are perfect for children of all ages. Whether your kids share a room or you have limited space, these beds will fit in perfectly! They come with everything you need to create the perfect sleeping environment for your child. Some bunk beds even come with trundle drawers and storage underneath them so that there is never an excuse not to keep their toys tidy!
  • Children's Cabin Beds - Kids Cabin Beds are a stylish, space-saving solution for most kids' bedrooms. They offer an under bed drawer without looking bulky and they create more than enough room even in smaller rooms. They come in different colours to match your child's bedroom decor too!
  • Children's High-Sleeper Beds - Our high-sleeper beds are a space saver and an investment. The height of the bed is enough to accommodate both your kids, as well as any furniture you may want underneath it. If you have more than one child in your home, this might be the perfect solution for those busy nights when they don't get along on time to go upstairs and sleep together.
  • Children's Mid-Sleeper Beds - Our Children's mid-sleeper beds are defined by their versatility and functionality. They offer prime comfort with a space-saving design, which makes them perfect to fit any family's needs. These beds can be used in the middle of your bedroom as well as on either side when you need more storage or an extra sleeping area for guests! No longer do you have to struggle to find bedding for your children at night time because these beds feature durable fabric that is easy to clean up after each use, and add a whole new level of comfort to your bedtime routine!

What are the most important factors to consider while purchasing a child's bed?

It can be hard to know what to look for in a new children's bed. You have to consider the practicality, style, durability, and price of each bed, as well as its comfort level for both teens and children. However, it's essential that you also make sure that the furniture meets all safety standards so there are no accidents while using the bed. All this can only come about with research beforehand to help ensure the best purchase possible!

What to Look For in a Children's Bed

Most people have a hard time picking out the perfect bed for their kids. It all depends on how old they are and what size room you've got to work with, so it's important to keep this in mind when considering your options. Toddler beds or beginner beds will sometimes be shorter than a standard single bed, making them ideal for smaller spaces and younger children who may feel lost in an oversized piece of furniture.

Safety of our children's beds

With our beds at The Children's Furniture Company, you can be confident that they've been designed in accordance with European Safety Standards and British Standards and all of the materials used are free from toxins. With these features in mind, it's easy to see why we're so excited about offering such an amazing variety of beds.

What materials are children's beds available in?

When it comes to finding the perfect kids' bed for your child, our selection is sure to have something that will capture their attention and bring a smile on their face. Our range of beds includes:

  • Wooden Kids Beds - add a classic touch with these sturdy wooden children's beds available in various sizes and designs.
  • Metal Kids Beds- an elegant option for adding class into any room, choose from metal square or round options in different colourways and design styles
  • Fabric Kids Beds - comfortable and versatile, a fabric kids' bed offers a soft area to play around and sit against.

What size children's beds do you have?

No sure about sizes? We have cot, toddler, small single, single and double kids' beds that will suit any bedroom. Our range of kids' mattresses includes:

  • Cot Beds - designed to ensure your little one gets the best sleep every night!
  • Toddler Beds - the perfect bed for children transitioning from cots to toddlers.
  • Small Single Kids' Mattresses - try our smaller size in rooms with limited space or smaller children.
  • Single Kids' Mattresses - our standard size for kids' beds, guaranteed to suit any bedroom and child!
  • Small Double Kids' Mattresses - let your child stretch out at night with one of our small double mattresses.
  • Double Children's Beds - a great choice for teenagers or children who want to make the most of their space, a kids' double bed is a guaranteed hit!

What Children's storage beds options are available?

When it comes to keeping your child's bedroom tidy, you can always rely on our range of kids' beds with storage. Our products allow for easy organisation and the perfect solution for any bed or room size in need of some professional help. With so many options available, there's a chance that these are just what you're looking for! There are plenty of ways to store toys, books and much more in your kids' bedrooms with our beds for children's range including:

  • Kids Beds With Bookcase/Shelves - great if you want to display toys or figurines and store books or games;
  • Kids Storage Bed With Shelving - ideal if you have a lot of space and want to save space with storage;
  • Kids Beds With Drawers - no need to worry about your child's bedroom being messy with one of our kids' beds that has built-in drawers, perfect if you have lots of toys or a lot of books.
  • Kids Ottoman Beds - hidden storage inside the bed frame itself, these ottoman storage beds offer an ultimate solution for those who have limited room but still want their child's bedroom tidy and easy access.

What age should a child get a full-sized bed?

A full-sized bed is usually recommended for an older child. A four year old should be able to sleep in a twin size, or single standard single sized.

Can a 4 year old use a toddler bed?

A 4 year old can use a toddler bed.

What age can a toddler bed be used until?

A toddler bed can be used until a child is between the ages of three to five years old.

When should you switch to a toddler bed?

It's not a good idea to switch to a toddler bed when your child is in the infant stage because the transition can be difficult and uncomfortable for them. It's best if you wait until your child is about 5-6 months old before you make the switch.

What materials are children's beds available in? 

Many children's beds are available in wood or metal, which is why those materials would be suitable for a child's bed. Other materials like plastic, fabrics and foam could also work as this is a personal preference. 



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