The Ultimate Guide to Organised Kid’s Drawers

The Ultimate Guide to Organised Kid’s Drawers

Spring is almost over, but there’s still time to do your Spring cleaning & organising. We all know how satisfying it is to come home to a sparkling clean & tidy house, but with all the toys and clothes kids have these days, organised kid’s drawers can be difficult to achieve…
We love nothing more than some handy tidying, organising or folding tips! So, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite influencers to show you some amazing storage solutions for your kid’s clothes, toys, books and more!


Harriet from @making_ahouse_ahome uses our Atlantis Bedside Table to fold her son’s clothes neatly in the drawers. The Atlantis is an ideal choice for when you need a touch of colour, and looks great in boy’s bedrooms or any blue themed room! Under the sea perhaps?

What We Love
Folding clothes into smaller squares and lining them up, rather than stacking them, is becoming such a popular method of folding! We’re such a fan of this folding technique because it leaves you with perfect drawers every time! This method of folding is all about functionality and efficient structure – making everything in the drawer visible as soon as you open it, and easier to pick out and out away your clothing.


We’re loving this colourful girl’s bedroom and all its glorious storage items. Claire from @mummyofthree06.11.17 has kitted out her daughter’s rainbow bedroom with our Jango collection, and the results are fabulous.

What We Love
What better place to store kid’s toys than in their under-bed storage! We love how perfectly they fit in the drawer, along with the beautiful rectangular folding in her 4-drawer chest. Using wicker baskets to store spare blankets, sheets and other larger items is a great way of keeping them neatly on shelves or in wardrobes without it looking cluttered!

The Jango collection features sleek drawers with grooves instead of handles, designed to match any children’s bedroom theme or colour scheme. Featured here is the Jango wardrobe, Jango 4-drawer Chest and the Jango Single Bed with 3 under-bed storage drawers.


Our Jensen Bedside Table is a big hit for customers looking for a simple yet modern bedside table with generous drawer space. Molly from @_mollyshome uses them beautifully for her daughter, and it certainly seems to make her smile!

What We Love
We spy some more super-smart folding! This method is a life saver for keeping everything super organised. It’s also really handy if you’re looking to colour co-ordinate your clothes or make better use of shallower bedside drawers.


And another feature of our Jensen Bedside Table! These drawers are also the perfect size for storing spare sheets & bedding, just like Harriet from @lifeatthewhitehouse has done in her son’s amazing safari themed boy’s bedroom.

What We Love
Besides the incredible jungle vibes? We love how perfectly the Jensen Bedside Table compliments the other furniture in the room with its wooden accents, and it’s great to see some storage tips for bedsheets! What better place to keep them for easy access than right next to your little one’s bed?


For a combined sleepover and storage solution, a captain’s bed is the answer! Our collection of Captain’s Beds feature roomy drawers built into a pull-out trundle, all underneath a regular single bed, offering a 3-in-1 solution to all your kid’s room needs.
Jaz from @winging_mamahood shows us just how spacious they are with her son’s storage!

What We Love
Once again, we can’t help but notice more of that clever folding that we love so much – it’s clearly popular for a reason! It never fails to help you utilise your storage solutions in the best way possible. Plus, it eliminates all possibility for stressful rummaging around in drawers looking for specific items, keeping your life just as organised as your drawers!

*Note, this particular captain’s bed is no longer available, but we have more to choose from along with plenty of other storage beds!

No one needs clutter, mess or unorganised drawers in their life, especially busy mamas! With all the current de-cluttering tips available from the likes of Marie Kondo and her Kon Mari method, Stacey Solomon’s tidying tips and Mrs Hinch’s cleaning (some of which we spy in these lucky children’s bedrooms), there are so many different solutions to suit every child and their room.

We hope you love our influencer’s amazing kid’s bedrooms as much as we do!

11th May 2021 Rebecca Heigho

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